Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OMG are weekly tornado drill is going off out side lol what should i do!!! my dog is freaking out cause he is outside playing its kinda funny lol. if i wanted to get up i would take a picture but I'm not feeling it lol. so my baby shower is coming up and Lizzy is due is 6 weeks!! i still have not talk to roger for a little bit and I'm not liking it!!! I'm just gonna go on and on on this one because i don't have much to say but everybody is at work right now so no one to talk to so i thought i would just put what I'm thinking down. which could take a while cause my brain goes in about 345345 directions. i need to go get some make up and hair things cause i just want too. i want to change how i do my make up but I'm not sure how and i cant wait for my hair to get longer so i can cut it and dye it after Lizzy is born. its so beautiful outside right now i really should be out there. but me n Lizzy just want to sit and stair at the computer.!! carol i miss you lol i really want my noodles and veggies!!! i still have not got them in the mail. well everything on this side is good. Lizzy is growing fast and kicking still like crazy so it makes me happy to know she is doing good. just wish her dad should feel it. I'm gonna go hope in the shower literally!!!!


  1. I miss you!!!! haha maybe the noodles and veggies got lost in the mail!
    lil miss Elizabeth H. is gonna be sooo so pretty and totally worth it.
    and Roger is gonna be home in just like, three months. that is so close. I know just how you feel, and you are a tough girl and your gonna make it! I love you!

  2. Hmmm... Egyptian Flu; Just 3 more months and you'll be a 'Mummy"! I think the Marines ought to give wives and mothers a medal for courage under incredibly horrible and difficult circumstances. Thank you for sacrifice you are making to help keep our country safe and free. (And for being such a great friend for Carol) ;-)

  3. OK, so where's the BABY PICTURES? For cryin' out loud, it's been three days! You'd think you had just passed a 9 lb kidney stone or something. LOL. Good job- enjoy every minute with Lizzy. In no time at all she'll be rolling her eyes at at you and saying, "Oh, Mom". God Bless