Monday, April 20, 2009

not a good day

today is a really sucky day. I'm so tired i have 6 weeks left till Lizzy is due and I'm trying to get everything together but its not working cause I'm to tired and i miss my husband :( its not a good thing being pregnant and having your husband deployed. i cant wait to have her i wish roger was here to see her for the 1st time i think that is the thing that is really bothering me the most. watching the baby story's on TV and seeing all the husbands with there wife's. gets me every time. but i know i need to make sacrifices and this is the biggest one i will ever make. cause i need him here with me. the price i pay for marring a marine lol. i love him and i wouldn't change anything if i had the chance too don't get me wrong. just very stressed. i miss my best friend. she always says the right thing. just need her right now. :( i think my whole body is gonna need working on when i have Lizzy cause i think I'm huge!!! my arms and thighs are gross and kinda my face is getting huge i think. i would do anything for my baby though. well I'm gonna go read some baby book advice...
miss you baby

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